martedì 15 ottobre 2013

Architecture: "Takuro Yamamoto architects-white cave house-Kanazawa, Japan"

The carved out volume of ‘white cave house’ by japanese firm takuro yamamoto architects is formed by a series of interconnected voids in the shape of a kinked tube. located in kanazawa city, japan, an area known for heavy snowfall, the white minimal house still features many external spaces. the building’s approach, through a large snow-proof entrance follows along the cave-like tube, which connects this exterior form with the house’s internal functions. a roofed garage for multiple cars, a terrace that is open to the sky and a large courtyard have a direct relationship to the rest of the house due to the ‘white cave.’
The void twists through the building from its street entrance, creating a private courtyard for the occupants to enjoy from the living spaces. the open-air features of the courtyard and terrace help to bring light through to the internal spaces, connecting to the outside. the cave also serves as a route to remove snow from these external spaces in the winter. the terrace is covered by a white waterproof membrane that holds a thin layer of water similar to a white basin. the reflection of the water above, the serene interior courtyard and the bold hollow cave result in a house that offers a sense of recluse from the ordinary.

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