giovedì 16 ottobre 2014

Brandon Boyd showcase new works at Rossmut Gallery in Rome.

Brandon Boyd is pleased to present his latest artworks at Rossmut Gallery on Thursday, October 30th, in Rome.
As written by curator Loretta Di Tuccio in the critical text that accompanies the exhibition, in the series of works on paper, wich premiere in Italy, the precise line of Boyd proceeds to search for a correlation between the human identity and the elements that surround it. Alternating the abstract and the reality, his figures emerge from labyrinths where the sign, as in a topographic work, outlines hypothetical landscapes drawing a human geography.
In Boyd’s works the origin is the nature, which is the source generating repeatable and pure forms in that ambiguous and infinite theme that is the identity.
During the Preview, Brandon Boyd will sign copies of his latest book ‘So the echo’ presented for the first time in Italy.


Brandon Boyd was born in 1976 in Calabasas, California. In 1991 he began singing and writing song lyrics for what become an internationally recognized rock band, Incubus. The band is currently in the studio with plans to release new music and tour in 2015. In parallel to the music Boyd is interested in art since he was young and has published three books containing works, photographs and texts he has written: "White Fluffy Clouds" 2003, "From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss" 2007, and "So the Echo”, in 2013, when also recorded his second solo album, 'Sons of the Sea". His works have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions and he has also created several partnerships with various brands like TOMS Shoes and Hurley for which he created a mural at their Space Gallery; some parts of the mural have been exposed at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Museum of Monterey (CA) and in Cape Town, South Africa. The first exhibition of his works in Europe took place last March in Zurich at Grafik 14, with book signings also in Paris and London.


mercoledì 8 ottobre 2014

Alex Chinneck's spectacular levitating building in London

A piece of the historic Covent Garden market appears to have broken free of its stone base, with its top half levitating in the air, in the latest installation by London designer Alex Chinneck.

Take My Lightning but Don't Steal My Thunder by Alex Chinneck is a precise replica of a section of the 184-year-old market building in London's Covent Garden that has been made to look as if its upper portion has broken away from its stone base to float in mid air.
Built from a steel frame and filcor, a type of expanded polystyrene, the 12-metre-long structure took 500 hours to shape using digital carving techniques and was painted to replicate the appearance of the existing building on the site.
A four-tonne counterweight enables the suspension of the top half of the fake building.
Take My Lightning but Don't Steal My Thunder will be on display in Covent Garden's East Piazza until 24 October 2014.
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mercoledì 1 ottobre 2014

Amazing discover! New forms of life created by Theo Jansen

Since 1990 Theo Jansen has been occupied creating new form of life.
Not pollen or seeds but plastic yellow tubes are used as the basic material of this new nature. He makes skeletons that are able to walk on the wind, so they don’t have to heat.
Over time, this skeletons have become increasingly better at surviving the elements such as storm and water and eventually he wants to put these animals out in herbs on the beaches, so they will live their own lives
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